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The RACGP Standards for general practices (4th edition) are designed to keep Australian general practice at the heart of an effective and efficient Australian health care system. The Standards are based on a framework of good governance - a framework which ultimately makes all members of the general practice team accountable for patient safety and high quality clinical care.

The 5th Standards have been released. Practices will be given the choice between 4th & 5th standards to be accredited by until Oct 2018.

There are 2 activities practices need to do very early into re-accreditation - 1/ all staff and Drs to have CPR / ALS update training. (done in prior 12 mths) and 2/ Pt feedback surveys should be started asap.

There are 2 companies which survey practices for accreditation:-

  • Ph: 1300 362 111
  • AGPAL is a not for profit organisation governed by the medical profession through its member organisations.
  • AGPAL is committed to innovation and assisting practices in achieve accreditation to provide safer outcomes for patients.

QPA (was GPA Accreditation Plus)
  • Ph: 1800 188 088
  • QPA is an independant program which is providing additional benefits to General Practices through competition and innovation.
  • QPA is itself accredited with JAS-ANZ and is run by medical practitioners

Accreditation & the PIP (Practice Incentives Program)
History of PIP
  • Practice Incentives Program (PIP) was developed to provide incentives that encourage general practices to improve the quality of care provided to patients.
  • Access to the PIP is available only to practices that are fully accredited, or new practices that are registered for accreditation and must be fully accredited within 12 months of joining.
  • PIP payments are mainly dependent on practice size, in terms of patients seen. The basis for the PIP payment formula was developed in consultation with the General Practice Financing Group (GPFG).
  • The GPFG is a negotiating body comprising the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australian Medical Association, Rural Doctors Association of Australia, Australian Divisions of General Practice, and the Australian Government. [further details]
  • The PIP aims to recognise general practices that provide comprehensive, quality care, and which are either accredited or working towards accreditation against the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners' (RACGP) Standards for General Practices.


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