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First Aid

Emergencies & First Aid
Poisons Advice Line - 13 11 26
Anaphylaxis, Allergies [ASCIA Australian Society of Immunology and Allergy] Asthma Emergency 1800 278 462
You should call emergency assistance immediately (dial 000) if:
  • the person is not breathing
  • the person's asthma suddenly becomes worse, or is not improving
  • the person is having an asthma attack and a reliever is not available
  • you are not sure if it's asthma
  • the person is known to have Anaphylaxis - follow their Anaphylaxis Action Plan, then give them Asthma First Aid
Start Asthma First Aid and continue until emergency services arrive. Blue-grey reliever medication is unlikely to harm, even if the person does not have asthma
Life Support Flowcharts [ARC]
Status Epilepticus - Midazolam
Managing emergencies and pandemics in general practice [ RACGP]
Aus Resus Council [ARC]
Emergency Childbirth [JHH]
Emergency Eye Care
Active First Aid Online
First Aid for Bites and Stings
Anthrax Fact Sheet
Clinical Toxinology Resources
Emergency Management Australia
Emergency Medicine

First Aid Training
Australian Health and Safety Training
Australian Resuscitation Council
Australia Wide First Aid
Emergency First Aid
First Aid International
First Aid Now
Learn CPR
St Andrews First Aid Australia inc
St Johns First Aid
The First Aid Training Company

First Aid Kits & Emergency Supplies
Burns Kit - Brenniston
Dentist In A Box - Tooth Trauma Kit
Disaster Supply Kits
EEFA - Educational Emergency First Aid
Equip Health Systems - Wilderness
Ferno Amb & Emerg Equip
First Aid Kits Qld
Medikit - for healthcare professionals
Medical Stock & Supplies
Paradise First Aid
Pronto Safety
Red Cross Kits
Safety Network
Trafalgar First Aid Kits

Australian Ambulance Services
RFDS-Royal Flying Doctor Service
Rural Ambulance Victoria - First Aid Training
SA Ambulance
Ambulance Service of NSW
Melbourne Metropolitan Ambulance Services
Queensland Ambulance Service

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