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Surgery Medical Supplies
GP Emergency Kit
Independance Australia
Macquarie Medical
Majac Medical Products
Marne Medical
Mcfarlane Medical Equipment
Medical and Surgical Requisites
MedStock Wound Care
Regional Health Care Group
R.G. Medical Supplies
Sutherland Medical
Team Medical Supplies
Vital Medical Supplies
Warner & Webster
Podiatry supplies - Briggate
* Independance Australia will allow sale of single items for ie wound dressings rather than needing to buy the whole carton.
AEDs * nb AEDs have a life of 8 yrs. x 2 batteries. One internal which runs the software etc
* Check for cost of replacement battery and pads. Check how much shock AED will deliver.
* Training and service reminders - very helpful for staff
AED Authority
Defib Shop
Beneheart D1 Pro / ECG [MindRay]
Powerheart G3 Plus [Cardiac Science]
HeartOn AED A10
Samaritan PAD350P [HeartSine]
Heart Smart [Philips]
Zoll AED Plus
SaverOne Ambi AEDSupplies [Wishmed] Sydney

Diagnostic Equipment
hbA1c - POCD DCVantage[Siemens]
hbA1c, Fe, Flu, Lipids -CardioChek PA[POCD]
Sterility and Quality Assurance
Hand Wash - Staff Training
Standard Handwashing Training Kit
Scales & Measures
Vaccine Fridges & Dataloggers
Remote monitoring vaccine fridges
Wireless Sensor Tags and Kumo Sensors monitor and record motion events, door/window open/close events, temperature/humidity/soil moisture and water leaks. They can send you emails, notify you on your phone when temperature or humidity is too low or too high, or each tagged item has been moved even only slightly, or when each door has been opened or closed. View graphs/data-logs of temperature, humidity, motion events at each wireless sensor anywhere with Internet. Attach to easy to lose items in your house and find them by beeping each tag from any browser or your phone. Out-of-range and back-in-range notification features come standard on all types of sensor tags.

Vaccine Temperatures
Logtag Temperature Logger - Automated Temp recording
Enlake Fridges energy efficient [ICS Pacific, Nuline, Liebherr]
Rollex Vaccine Fridges
Enlake Dataloggers
Cold Chain
Patient Home Supplies
Eye Buy Direct - cheaper Glasses/lenses/Spectacles online [Eye Buy Direct]
Ansteys Healthcare
Coloplast colostomy
Falls Prevention
Gillespie's Hire & Sales
GP Medical
Hip Savers
Tena continence supplies
Alert Safety Services
Falls Alarms
Medic Alert
Sami Sleep Activity Monitor camera records & alarm ,ipad/iph
Vital Call
Inclusive Living - height adjustable electric lifting systems
Mobility Shop
Miniguide mobility aid
OrCam Vision Camera
Patient Handling
Respiratory, Oxygen, CPap, Sleep
Air Liquide Healthcare
BOC Gases
CPR Savers
FirstAid&Safety Online
Medical Dev O2
Parker O2
Feeding Supplies
Pacojet 2 Cooking System [Rely Culinary Technology] Pureed food ground to 1 micron, dissolves in pts mouth

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