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Medical Textbooks

  electronic Journal of Health Informatics

  AMH Drug Choice Companion: Emergency and Primary Care

  Anatomy for The Medical Clinician, Dr Franklin Gray

  CSL Antivenom Handbook

  DSM-5 Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-5

  Examination Paediatrics

  Health Care and Indigenous Australians

  Electronic Textbook of Dermatology

  Grays Anatomy, Henry Gray

  Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine: Volumes 1 and 2, 18th Edition

  Merck Manuals

  MIMS Annual

  Paediatric Handbook 8th Edition

  Pocket book of hospital care for children:Guidelines for the management of common illnesses with limited resources

  Safety and Ethics in Healthcare

  Toxicology Handbook

  Venomous creatures of Australia : a field guide with notes on first aid / Struan K. Sutherland  


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